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Online Clarity Circles assist one of their group through an important life choice by simply -- and only -- asking questions, to help their colleague see the realities, assumptions, and emotions that underlie their dilemma. To get help with your own life choice, post it as a Topic. To help others, post on their Topic.
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How to make an excellent theory paper script service? (View)
Date: Aug 30, 17 2:30 AM

Converse with others of your kind -- the reasonable kind! Help found our new ad-free webforum by posting on a current forum topic or clicking "Add Topic" to start your own. Meanwhile, visit ongoing discussion groups at our Beliefnet Circle of Reason (>50 members) and Facebook Circle of Reason (>70 members.)
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Reasoning, logic, and compassion (View)
Date: Nov 06, 18 8:18 PM


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