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Circle of Reason Feedback
Date: Jan 27, 2009 6:03:07 PM PST
Author: Frank

This thread is for comments about our main website,, and its Parable of the Week.

What do you think?
-- Frank


More info please
Date: Feb 22, 2009 9:41:35 PM PST
Author: Wolfman

Frank, The CoR sounds like a great organization, but there is a lack of detail regarding the organization on the website. Perhaps a wikipedia style article or something like that?
Things like:
Membership demographics, would be most helpful


COR Wiki
Date: Mar 2, 2009 12:43:15 PM PST
Author: Frank

Hi Wolfman,

Thanks for the suggestion. A Wikipedia entry about COR would be great, but is up to the "public" to produce -- not CoR's administration -- in keeping with the spirit of Wikipedia's (admittedly unenforced) rule that organizations (even charities) should not use the site for self-promotion. Perhaps once the Parables are published, and/or COR grows in popularity, people will place a Wiki stub or review of COR at Wikipedia.

Also, although COR is reluctant to use our main website for what could be construed as personal aggrandizement of its administrators or founder, it will consider posting a short bio of the organization. After COR membership grows sufficiently, COR does plan to post on its main website a list of Local Circles of Reason by geographic locales, as well as related membership demographics.
-- Frank
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Still going strong, I hope...
Date: Mar 19, 2018 10:46:04 AM PDT
Author: Tarran

Before I started piping up and posting here
an hour or so ago, it seems that the last
post in here was on October 31st, 2010... I
do hope very much that this project isn't
dying down...

Frank, I hope this finds you and yours
doing well - I'm very thankful to have
found COR, as I do believe that the
direction in which it seems to be going is
something Humanity as a whole is in dire
need of.
"On the Ocean of Emotion, let your Heart be the Sail... but let your Mind be the Rudder."

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