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Was Surak's Philosophy Valid?
No way in Vulcan!
Yes, but humans couldn't do it.
Yes, and humans should give it a(nother) try.
I prefer the Romulan way -- and you will too!
Surak was a spineless p'tak! Face me in battle!
I'll say "yes" for a bar of gold-pressed latinum (or an ear rub.)


Did Surak Have it Right?
Date: Jun 1, 2008 8:51:47 AM PDT
Author: Frank

Calling all Trekkers...Was Surak right, or full of it? What's your take on Vulcan (or Romulan?) social philosophy?
-- Frank


Did Surak Have it Right?
Date: Jun 1, 2008 9:05:27 AM PDT
Author: Frank

BTW, IMO Surak's philosphy overstepped legitimacy where it called for emotional suppression rather than simply "mastery" (governance by reason.) Emotions are an essential and evolved cornerstone of our biology.
-- Frank
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Date: Mar 19, 2018 9:34:02 AM PDT
Author: Tarran

Originally Posted by Frank:
BTW, IMO Surak's philosphy overstepped
legitimacy where it called for emotional
suppression rather than simply "mastery"

Indeed. Emotions are among those things
which can be dangerous to suppress... as
suppression of such only serves to
strengthen them - until eventually the
situation arises where it becomes not
unlike a tsunami versus a screen door.

Of course, today's world might seem the
aftermath of a flood of such, what with the
whole "follow your heart" philosophy, which
seems to dominate the lives of so many.
This indeed is a very dangerous thing.

As I suspect from what I've read from the
COR homesite (I'm sort of new here), I
assume others here might agree; that while
we should indeed listen to our hearts at
appropriate times, we should never allow it
to lead us.

It seems to me that the heart is but a
desire engine. It only ever wants.

One might argue that it isn't so selfish as
that, as we can experience selfless,
unconditional love for others, but I would
reply that such is a result of "Whole
Mindedness" (the resulting harmonious
culmination of mind/heart unified

But alone, it only ever wants - and
insatiably. To allow one's self to be lead
by such, only ever ultimately leads to
trouble - as often, it is to the detriment
of mind, causing one to make choices
against reason and better judgment, even
completely ignoring logic.

Left unbridled, the heart can become quite
treacherous indeed... it lusts after the
experience of feeling, in ever-increasingly
intense degrees, and can become quite
uncontrollably manic... and those who
suffer from certain types of depression can
attest, can even seem to have an inherent
sweet tooth for despair. Highs or lows, it
must feel, to depths of unfathomable
profundity - but it's never deep enough.

And so, emotions are potentially a very
dangerous thing to suppress, like keeping a
wild beast caged for far too long.

This is why the Heart must be guided by the
reins of the Mind. It must be bridled by
intellect, reason, sound discernment.

The Heart wants and feels, the Mind
discerns, understands, and knows.

One should never "follow their heart" in
such a way as to be lead by it. Listen to
it, yes... but follow the Mind.

"On the ocean of emotion, let your Heart be
the sail... but let your Mind be the


Hmmm... it seems I've written quite a bit
here - I do apologize if it's too much for
my first post. It's nearabouts 1:30am here
in Nagoya, Japan as I type this, and I tend
to ramble and get overly wordy from lack of
sleep (lol) Do please forgive it ^_^

"On the Ocean of Emotion, let your Heart be the Sail... but let your Mind be the Rudder."


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